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“Seafood” of Tsukiji stocking


Tsukiji Market, the world’s largest wholesale market for all marine products and fruits and vegetables.

With the desire to have customers enjoy really delicious Kagura sushi, the chef himself goes to the Tsukiji market, negotiates with traders, buys fish, and purchases with special attention to seasons and production areas. We are.

The procured material performs the work (preparation) of Edo-mae with a commitment to craftsmen.

Originally, the sushi of the Edo period was designed not only to prevent the spoilage, but also to make the spices more delicious.

Tsukimi Kagura Sushi inherits the spirit and works with mental sincerity.

Edo-mae traditional “Aka-shari”


Tsukiji Kagura sushi is particular about ingredients as well as style.

Yamagata rice “Hitmebore”, 5-year-old Kagura original “red vinegar”, and “Aka-shari” made by mixing these two can only be tasted with Tsukiji Kagura sushi.

The red shari, made using a proprietary process, gives the whole sushi a mellow sourness with red vinegar and also enhances the umami of the ingredients.
Excellent compatibility with the taste of Kagura Sushi using plenty of natural materials. In fact, red sashimi made with red vinegar, which is difficult to control, is difficult to handle and is not used in many sushi restaurants.
However, Kagura sushi uses thorough temperature control and uses red shari to preserve the traditional taste.
We offer to customers without sacrificing the traditional taste.

Kagura sushi, craftsman’s work


In the Edo period, sushi restaurants that used to be stalls did not have the refrigeration technology of modern times, and fish were immediately damaged.

Therefore, it was apparently that the fish were prepared using vinegar, boil, and soak in soy sauce to make the fish less painful and more delicious.

Such preparation is called “work”.

Tsukiji Kagura sushi uses red vinegar when filling with vinegar and finishes boiled eel with each order.

Tsukiji Kagura Sushi offers the best nigiri sushi to customers by taking over the historic “ work ” of craftsmen since its inception in Tsukiji, in order to have customers impressed with everything that is laborious. You.

Discerning “roasted”


Tsukiji Kagura sushi also offers “roasted” sushi, such as sea bream, throat, middle toro and salmon.

The roasting, which is characterized by beautiful burns and patterns stuck to open fire, starts to be roasted one by one after receiving an order, and the roasting method is changed depending on the material.

Oily seafood, such as middle-thickness and salmon, can be eaten with a refreshing taste by grilling to remove excess oil and seasoning with natural rock salt and lemon.

The roasting of natural ingredients and the red shari with mellow taste are excellent. Please enjoy the popular roasting since its founding.

Natural “rock salt”


Tsukiji Kagura sushi isn’t just about ingredients and shari.

Kagura is particular about the “rock salt” used for broiling.

In Bolivia, a land of South America, it uses rock salt that has grown red and crystallized for about 300 million years.
By using this rock salt, which contains 20-30 times more minerals such as iron and calcium than ordinary salt, we can provide sushi with more sweetness.

Tsukki Kagura Sushi does not recommend using soy sauce for broiled sushi.
Sore wa, shōyude wa ushinawa rete shimau aburi nado no o sushi no sensaina aji o, gan’en o shiyō suru koto de umami o ushinawazu ni tan’nō shite itadaku tamedesu.
The purpose is to use rock salt to enjoy the delicate taste of sushi, such as broiled food that is lost with soy sauce, without losing the umami.

“Soy sauce” to bring out the taste


Tsukiji Kagura Sushi’s specialty is soy sauce.

The soy sauce used in Tsukiji Kagura sushi is prepared using all original recipes that match the sushi’s compatibility, balance, and use, such as “for soup”, “for boiled”, and “tsuke soy sauce”.

In particular, the soy sauce used by customers uses not only the odorless taste using bonito flakes, but also the soy sauce with reduced salt content, without disturbing the flavor of Tsukiji Kagura Sushi’s unique red vinegar sushi. We use elaborate soy sauce to maximize its taste.

“High quality” and ” delicacy” you can meet with Kagura sushi


Tsukiji Kagura Sushi offers a variety of high-quality materials that are difficult to obtain and rare items that are rarely seen.

Depending on the fish, we research and purchase the most delicious production areas at each time of the year in order to deliver fresh and seasonal products to customers throughout the year.

There is no other store in Tsukiji that handles a wide variety of seafood.
Tsukiji Kagura Sushi has been visiting the market every day since its inception, interacting directly with traders, and purchasing seafood.
We believe that we can provide our customers with such abundant seafood in a fresh state because of the trust that has been formed between the traders and Tsukiji Kagura Sushi through many years of dialogue.