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Our establishment is a sushi shop offering traditional Edo-style sushi—a rarity, even in Tokyo.
The sushi made by our authentic, experienced sushi masters has received rave reviews, and wewelcomeover 10,000 guestsrom overseas every year.

We hope you enjoy our authentic sushi.

Why Choose TsukijiKagura Sushi?

Menu Items Popular with Guests from Overseas

Worry-Free Service for Guests from Overseas

Why Choose TsukijiKagura Sushi?

Fresh fish of the highest quality
The Tsukiji Market gathers together a wide assortment of seafood from all over the world.
TsukijiKagura Sushi has been long been in operation in this marketplace.
We use the wisdom and experience gathered over those long years to offer fresh fish of superior quality to our customers.
We are extraordinarily selective when it comes to our ingredients, which are chosen according to the season.

We are particular about our akazu red vinegar and our aburi-style sushi
We pursue our own original sushi concepts while remaining true to the classic Edo style.
Traditional and yet healthy, our homemade akazu red vinegar mixed with rice gives our sushi not only a reddish tint but a pleasing aroma and a rich flavor.
We offer high-quality, natural fish in the aburi style of sushi (partially grilled, partially raw) that brings out the fish’s umami flavor and enhances its aroma.

You can also enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine At TsukijiKagura Sushi, we also offer a wide variety of Japanese cuisine beyond sushi.
Our Japanese chefs carefully prepare in the à la carte style tempura, yakimono grilled and pan-fried dishes, and nimono simmered dishes, as well as sashimi using high-quality fish delivered directly to Tsukiji.

If you would like to experience sushi and Japanese cuisine,
please visit TsukijiKagura Sushi.

Worry-Free Service for Guests from Overseas

◎ Credit cards
At Tsukiji, there are very few shops that accept credit cards, which can pose a problem when it comes to payment.
At out restaurant, we accept for payment many credit cards frequently used by overseas guests.
※Accepted cards:
( CUP(Chinese Union Pay Card) | MasterCard | Amex | VISA | JCB | Dinersclub | Discover )


◎ Smoking
At lunchtime, our restaurant is completely non-smoking, so you can enjoy your meal without the inconvenience of smoke.
At tea time, we offer both smoking and non-smoking seating, so you can dine in the section you prefer.

◎ Service
So that our overseas guests can order with peace of mind,
we offer menus in both English and Chinese.
We also have employees on staff who speak English and Chinese, so if you have a question or concern, please don’t hesitate to
speak up.