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Recommended Dish

  • Sashimi platter

    A luxurious platter of seasonal seafood. Please enjoy the fresh ingredients in the Toyosu market.


  • Grilled clams

    The fleshy clam is juicy, mixed with the original salt of the sea water, showing a wonderful taste.


  • Fresh oysters

    Tsukiji Kagura Sushi strictly manages the ingredients and only provides a selection of seasonal oysters. The creamy taste makes it impossible for guests who like oysters to extricate themselves.



  • Fatty tune sashimi3,780yen

  • Medium-fat tunesashimi2,750yen

  • Salmon sashimi1,650yen

  • Tunasashimi1,650yen

  • Kelp with herring roe990yen

  • Iso grilled Scallop660yen

  • Whiskered velvet shrimpsashimi1,650yen


  • Seaweed miso soup430yen

  • Freshwater clam Miso Soup430yen