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  • Blackthroat seaperch

    The rich juice delicious Blackthroat seaperch is broiled to make the taste more soft and delicate.


  • Fatty tune

    Rich sweetness and delicious taste make it be the king of Nigiri sushi. Using "wild Tuna" is the insistence of Kagura.


  • Broiled Splendid alfonsino

    The red skin is colored by grilling , concentrated delicious of ingredients, complement each other with red vinegar rice.


  • Horse mackerel

    Horse mackerel has relatively less fat, and is rich in inosinic acid so that customers can enjoy a rich taste.


Nigiri Sushi

220yen Japanese omelette、Ark shell mantles
330yen Tuna、Salmon、Gizzard shad、Scallop、Whiskered velvet shrimp、Sardine
440yen Pickled Tuna、Greater amberjack、Horse mackerel、Sea bream、Pickled Mackerel、Squid、conger eel、Sakhalin surf clam、Pen-shell、Kelp with herring roe
550yen Medium-fat tune、Splendid alfonsino、Salmon roe
660yen Sea urchin、Conch、Ark shell
770yen Fatty tune、Blackthroat seaperch、Japanese tiger prawn
880yen Thornhead
990yen Clam
1,100yen SaltySea urchin、Broiled beef