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Recommended Sushi

  • Blackthroat seaperch

    The rich juice delicious Blackthroat seaperch is broiled to make the taste more soft and delicate.


  • Tuna

    Kagura insists on using "Wild Tuna". This dish is proudly selected by the head chef at Tsukiji Market.


  • Boiled clams

    It is famous as Edo Mae Sushi. Customers can experient the soft texture and the deliciousness of shellfish, complement the red vinegar rice.


  • Gizzard shad

    Gizzard shad, marinated in red vinegar, is a proud traditional dish of Tsukiji Kagura sushi, and you can feel the Edomae food culture.


Nigiri Sushi

110yen Japanese omelette
220yen Ark shell mantles
330yen Tuna、Whiskered velvet shrimp、Green onion shoots、Scallop、Sardine、Gizzard shad、Salmon
440yen Pickled Tuna、conger eel、Sakhalin surf clam、Sakhalin surf clam、Pickled Mackerel、Horse mackerel、whitebait、Pen-shell、Squid
550yen Medium-fat tune、Japanese bluefish、Splendid alfonsino、Yellowtail、Fatty salmon、Largehead hairtail、Japanese halfbeak、Salmon roe、Kelp with herring roe、Conch
660yen Ark shell、Sea urchin、Flatfish、Threadsail filefish、Bigfin reef squid、Whale
770yen Blackthroat seaperch、Japanese tiger prawn
880yen Fatty tune、Saury、Boiled clams、Japanese spiny lobster、Milt gunkan
1,100yen Grilled beaf、Longtooth grouper、Mussel
1,320yen SaltySea urchin、Ground clam
Current price Baby salmon、Flounder、Prawn、Botan shrimp

Sushi Roll

330yen Pickled white radish sushi roll、Cucumber roll、Plum shiso leaf roll
440yen Mantle cucumber roll
550yen Dried gourd shavings roll
660yen Tunaroll
880yen conger eelCucumber rol
1,100yen Salmon roeroll
1,320yen Fatty tuneroll、Fatty tunePickled radish roll、ShallotFatty tuneroll、Sea urchinroll、Wasabi roll